Prayer Changes Everything

If you ever get to a place in your life where you feel like something is missing, it's probably a connection problem: you are disconnected from God and too connected to the world. Prayer and fasting can have a powerful impact on setting your life back on track.

Prayer connects us to God.
Prayer connects us to God.

The power of prayer deepens our dependence on God and sharpens our faith. When we pray, we choose to put everything in God’s hands, knowing that His hand will show up in every aspect of our lives and in those around us.

The more time you spend with something or someone, the more confidence you build in it. The same is true for God. The more time you spend with God, the more your faith in Him will grow. Prayer is what creates our intimacy with God. There are no “levels” to this. We all can enter prayer with a posture of trust, openness, and faith, believing that God can do far more than we could even ask or imagine.

The Pray First App

Developed by Church of the Highlands, within the Pray First App you can access guided prayer plans, create a personal prayer list, and listen to the worship album, “Prayers to the King.” Now available to download in your app store.

Prayer Course

The Prayer Course is an 8-week journey that will help you grow and deepen your prayer life. Made available by 24-7 Prayer, it is one of many free resources available. To access The Prayer Course, click the button below.

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